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The S.T.S Israel Transportation Services Company was established in 1988 and throughout the years has set a new, and high, bar in the field of transportation services in Israel. Thanks to its decorated Security Officer, Chief Superintendent (retired) has become a byword for  excellence and security in the field of transportation services.

S.T.S is a transportation services company operating throughout Israel, which maintains a fleet of 150 vehicles capable of seating anywhere from 4 to 60 passengers, as well as specialized handicapped accessible vehicles.

The vehicle fleet includes a large variety of vehicles including, among others, taxis, vehicles equipped with lifts to transport handicapped passengers, buses, midibuses, and so forth, which are capable of meeting the needs and requirements of all types of passengers.

>> Experienced and courteous drivers
>> Credit card payment is possible
>> Handicapped transportation services on holidays
>> A free one week sample “employee transportation” service, no >> commitment required!
>> Your ride to the Ben Gurion International Airport is upgraded- a 14     seat vehicle for the price of a 10 seat vehicle!
S.T.S is A boutique transportation company that owns a fleet of 70 vehicles that can accommodate up to 16 passengers.

As part of the vehicle fleet, the transportation company has a variety of vehicles, including:
Taxis, cars equipped with skis for transportation of the disabled, etc., while responding to all types of passengers.


Our Fleet
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50-61 places
23-40 places
16-20 places
8-12 places
Luxury SUVs
Luxury SUVs
4-5 places
Luxury Taxi
Luxury Taxi
3-4 places

Among our clients:
Security and safety are our top priority!

1.  We strictly insure that the drivers employed by the       company or those driving it’s vehicles fully uphold the traffic code and the ordinances deriving from it       (Hereinafter, the “Traffic code”);

2.    We strictly ensure that the vehicles of the company, or the vehicles operated by it, be in sound condition and that it fulfills all of the traffic ordinances;

3.    We supervise the fulfillment of all relevant laws and ordinances regarding the safety of pedestrians and the soundness of a vehicle on the company grounds;

4.    We strictly ensure that the health condition of the drivers, as aforementioned in clause (1) match the requirements of the traffic ordinances;

5.    We ensure that our drivers are informed of, and trained, as aforementioned in clause (1) in all matters related to driving, loading, unloading, care of the vehicle and the traffic ordinances;

6.    We provide recommendations to the company owner regarding the training and training and education of the company drivers and the introduction of safety procedures in the company in regards to the safety of the drivers and of their vehicles;

7.    Provide written reports and summaries to the company owner in regards to his obligations according to these ordinances;

8.    Manage a card index and registration in regards to vehicles and drivers according to the details required by the authorities.


S.T.S traffic - 03-5327901 
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Ben Zion Galis 18 Petach Tikva

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