The S.T.S Company maintains a fleet of 40 buses, capable of seating between 51 to 60 people.

Modern Volvo model buses and Mercedes Viutang model buses at a high class tourist level, spacious seats which can be adjusted, including footrests, personal air conditioning, WIFI, DVD, Television, USB, a refrigerator and minibar, a large spacious cargo bay. 
  • A bus to transport handicapped individuals
  • Can transport up to 11 wheelchairs
  • A docking mechanism for the wheelchairs, with docking rails for the wheelchairs on both sides of the bus.
  • An electric sleeve to load wheelchairs located in the rear end of the Bus.

The bus department is managed by a professional staff that knows how to fit each type of bus.



S.T.S traffic - 03-5327901 
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Ben Zion Galis 18 Petach Tikva

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